Church History

 Thomas, the small man with the big plug hat; the Rev. Hawk, the croquet player; and the Rev. Atkins, the scholar. The building nestled among a number of superb maple trees, was really a work of art. A new one was needed, however, There was no room for two stoves and all the Sunday School classes."

"Finally in December 1893, there came into the pastorate, a tall gangling blonde man, the Rev J.M. Work. He was Irish, had prominent eyes, wore glasses and was a fighter - every inch of him. He said we needed a new building and proceeded at once to get it."

The Plain City Presbyterian Church, which celebrated its Bicentennial in 2003, has a long history in the community. The brick church, seen below, was the first church built at the current location, in 1870. Quoted from the church history,

"The debt on the morning of the dedication was $1400 which was all subscribed before the dedicatory sermon was preached by the Rev. William Galbreath, who was the pastor. Soon after the dedication, a Sunday School was organized and Thomas Jones was the first superintendent. Smith Newton McCloud was an active officer of the Sunday School; his wife, Nora, was organist and W.L. Curry was chorister. Clark Rickard was both church organist and chorister for some time. The old red brick church days were virile ones. They included the pastorate of the Rev.

The present stone church was erected in 1893.Sunday school rooms were added in the 1910's and remodeled in the 1950's. In 2007, an addition was added to the church to increase space and to provide accessibility by adding a lift.


First church at the current site:

Current church in the early days: